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  • Hobbies and free time activities

    In this Pre-intermediate Vocabulary Lesson about Hobbies and Free Time Activities, you will learn terms used to discuss your interests and preferences in English, as well as the names of different hobbies and free-time activities. Check the explanation and do the exercises.

    Exercise 1

    Choose the best option for each gap.

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    1 I was keen _____ learning languages when I was at college.
    2 Peter enjoys _____ tennis with his colleagues after work.
    3 When I was a child, I really _____ painting.
    4 Nora loves _____ crafts and making homemade presents.
    5 Although I used to be a chef, nowadays I just cook for ____.


  • Hobbies and free time activities

    In this Pre-intermediate Vocabulary Lesson about Hobbies and Free Time Activities, you will learn terms used to talk about your interests and preferences in English, as well as the names of different hobbies and free-time activities. The pictures, descriptions, and examples below will help you understand and remember the terms.

    Verbs and expressions to say you like something

    Vocabulary bar chart showing different terms to express liking. The expressions are ranked by the intensity of feeling

    We can use the verbs like, love and enjoy to talk about the hobbies and free-time activities we like. After these verbs, we often use a noun or an -ing verb.

    • I like/love/enjoy taking photos.
    • I like/love/enjoy photography.

    We can also use the verb prefer + noun or an -ing verb to talk about an activity that you enjoy doing more than another.

    • I prefer pottery to photography.
    • I enjoy swimming, but I prefer running.

    We can also use the expressions be fond of, be keen on, be into, and be crazy about to say we like something. After these expressions, we also use a noun or an -ing verb.

    If you are fond of something, or if you are keen on something, you like it and enjoy doing it.

    • I am fond of dancing.
    • Ken is keen on swimming.

    When you are into something, you currently have a strong interest in it, and when you are crazy about something, you really love doing it and are passionate about it.

    • Tom is into reading.
    • Mario is crazy about singing.

    When you do something for fun, you do it purely for enjoyment and not for payment or professional reasons, and when you use this expression, you usually put the verb in the present simple form.

    • I cook for fun on weekends.
    • Sam collects stamps for fun.

    Hobbies and activities

    Illustrative vocabulary collage of 20 hobbies and free time activities, with numbered images depicting collecting things, doing crafts, painting, DIY, pottery, etc.

    1 If you collect things, such as stamps or books, as a hobby, you get as many as you can because they interest you.

    • John enjoys collecting things such as stamps and old postcards.

    2 Doing crafts involves creating handmade items as a hobby, like knitting, making jewelry, or scrapbooking.

    • I love doing crafts, such as making cards and sewing.

    3 Painting is the hobby of creating pictures using paint on a surface like canvas or paper.

    • I enjoy painting as a way to relax and express my feelings.

    4 DIY, or Do It Yourself, is completing tasks or creating things yourself without professional help, often related to home improvement.

    • My husband loves doing DIY and is always building things for our home.

    5 Pottery is the craft of making objects out of clay by hand.

    • These days, I enjoy doing pottery and making bowls out of clay.

    6 Gardening is the activity of cultivating and maintaining plants, such as flowers, vegetables, or herbs, for enjoyment or food.

    • Luke is fond of gardening and grows all his own vegetables.

    7 Cooking is preparing food for eating by combining, mixing, and heating ingredients.

    • I enjoy cooking in my free time.

    8 Reading is the activity of looking at and understanding the words in books, magazines, etc.

    • Nick is keen on reading and always has a book in his hand.

    9 Learning languages involves studying to understand, speak, write, or read in a language different from your native one.

    • I like learning languages and plan to start studying Italian.

    10 Watching TV is the activity of looking at a television screen to see shows, movies, news, etc.

    • We are fond of watching TV together when we get home in the evening.

    11 Playing video games is the hobby of playing games on a computer, game console, or phone.

    • Lucy is crazy about playing video games and spends hours on her console.

    12 Going to the cinema involves visiting a theater to watch movies on a big screen.

    • We like going to the cinema and see a film almost every weekend.

    13 Photography is the art or hobby of taking and processing photographs with a camera.

    • Mike is into taking photos/photography and has recently bought a new camera.

    14 Singing is producing musical sounds with your voice.

    • Ken is crazy about singing and is part of a band.

    15 We use the verb play with instruments, such as a piano, a guitar, or drums.

    • Harry loves playing instruments and is very good at the guitar.

    16 Working out is doing physical exercises to improve health and fitness.

    • Don is into working out and visits the gym most days.

    17 We use the verb play both with sports and musical instruments.

    • Joe enjoys playing football with his friends.

    18 Running is moving at a speed faster than walking, often as a form of exercise.

    • I love running in the park before work.

    19 Hiking is walking in nature on marked trails or paths, typically for leisure and exercise.

    • My husband and I are keen on hiking in the mountains near our home.

    20 Fishing is the activity of catching fish, either for food or as a recreational pastime.

    • Fishing by the lake is my favorite way to relax and enjoy the weekend.

    After completing the exercises in this lesson on Hobbies and Free Time Activities, you can use the unit’s Vocabulary Flashcards to revise and help you memorize the terms.

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