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    Read the text and choose the most appropriate answer from the drop-down menu.

    Only if you are a proficient speaker of a language that you have learned 1 in adulthood 2 really tell how hard it is 3 to that level. Or maybe not so hard, 4 most of the students who get there find real pleasure in reading and listening to the language, which 5 central in the process of learning it. But it’s definitely a long road to travel.

    Lots of people start to learn a language excited about the prospect that one day, they will be able to communicate with it. However, only a few of those people 6 end up being proficient speakers of that language, because, 7 , students tend to lose some of their enthusiasm when they 8 of the vast world of knowledge that still needs 9 . That is the moment of realisation when language learners mistakenly stop focusing on what they are learning or already know, and start focusing on all the things they don’t know or can’t do.

    Suppose you 10 a high mountain, wouldn’t it be harder 11 if you kept looking at the remote and elevated top, instead of enjoying your every small step along the way? I’m sure it 12 . Language learners can see the summit of that overwhelming mountain at around intermediate level and upwards; that’s the time 13 many of those enthusiastic elementary students leave behind the comfort of their immediate surroundings and dare look up at the extenT of the apparently impossible deed. My advice, learn to appreciate the beauty of those small steps, if you don’t want to risk 14 hope in order to become another language 15 .


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