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    Read the text and choose the most appropriate answer from the drop-down menu.

    You know exams are around the corner and you can’t stop checking your Facebook? If that is 1 , you are 2 to get bad results because of your more than apparent internet addiction.

    3 can be considered an internet addict when the internet becomes a priority in life, above other priorities, such as exams. Social media is known 4 a rush of happiness and contentment 5 the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter which helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centres, and which plays a key role in addictions. The more people use social media, 6 stimulation they receive, which makes them more vulnerable to addiction.

    And teens get more easily addicted to the internet and social media because their brains are still developing and they still have to set their priorities, and that makes it more difficult 7 control their use of social media even when they know that they really need to study for exams.

    Social media is a constant source of text, photographs, videos – all of 8 provide stimulus to the brain making the activity addictive. And peer pressure also adds to it, because teenagers feel that they would miss out on what’s going on among their friends if they 9 constantly check their Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook.

    10 seems that addiction to social media is more common in teens with lower self-esteem, 11 their online interactions make them 12 they are part of a group.

    Of course, parents on 13 don’t have a clue what their kids do online. Not only 14 have little or no idea how to technically control their children’s behaviour online, but they also have the added problem that teenagers are absolute experts 15 concealing everything from their parents.


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