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  • Read the text and choose the correct answer for each gap.

    I didn't see anybody behind me, but I knew that I 1 . It was my instinct, I could feel it. I saw that a bus 2 at the bus stop at the end of the street. I ran and 3 it. I didn't ask the bus driver where 4 because it didn't matter, I just wanted to 5 as fast as possible.

    I knew I was in danger. I had put 6 in a dangerous situation the day 7 I had helped a woman in a bar. A man 8 her when I hit him in the face. When he fell unconscious to the floor, I recognised the tattoos on his arms and neck. He was a member of one of the worst gangs in Los Angeles. The woman looked at me with panic in her eyes. "Go away, please, before his friends 9 ," she said. "If they see you, they 10 you. "Do you think he'll remember my face?" I asked her. "I have 11 doubt," she answered.

    Now I was in a bus wondering why I had to punch that man in the face. If I hadn't done that stupid thing, nothing 12 to me. I got off the bus after a few blocks and I started walking. I 13 do something, but what? That dangerous man had seen my face. "Of course," I thought, "my face!". If that man had seen my face, I just needed a different face, a face that he could not recognise!

    Three days later I had plastic surgery and I got a new face. That was a few months ago, and I 14 the man I attacked a few times since then, and he has no idea who I am. And the best part is that I 15 like my face, and now I love it!


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