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    You are going to read a text about the impact of weak ties, or casual acquaintances, on our lives. and for questions 1 to 6, complete the text with the correct sentences. There is ONE extra sentences you DO NOT need to use.

    Weak ties: the power of acquaintances

    Picture your social world as a vibrant garden. Your close friends and family are the sturdy trees and colourful flowers that provide structure and beauty. But let’s consider another kind of plant in this garden analogy, perhaps the grass that blankets the ground. The grass represents what has been coined as your “weak ties”, that is, your casual acquaintances – the barista who knows your coffee order, the neighbour you greet in the morning, or the coworker from a different team you occasionally share a joke with. 1 __. Yet these casual connections harbour a surprising strength that can subtly enrich your life in ways you might not expect.

    In our quest to nurture deep, meaningful relationships, we sometimes overlook the significance of the grass beneath our feet. 2 __. They boost our mood and enrich our day-to-day experience making us feel that we are part of something. By acknowledging the value of these casual connections, we can foster a richer, more diverse social garden that nourishes our well-being and strengthens our ties to the community around us. 3 __.

    Imagine you’re stressed from work, and on your way home, you engage in a lively chat with your bartender about yesterday’s football match, exchanging a bit of banter that brings a genuine smile to your face. 4 __. These brief yet spirited exchanges momentarily lift you out of your worries, making you feel connected and lighter. When you finally get home, the residual stress from work feels diminished, replaced by a sense of community and shared joy. 5 __.

    In the digital age, the significance of nurturing these casual face-to-face connections becomes even more pronounced. It’s a proven remedy for social isolation and the unhealthy habit of being in your head. It’s about appreciating those quick, light exchanges as much as we do the long, heartfelt conversations. 6 __. Thus, the next time you find yourself sharing a simple “Good morning” or a small talk about the weather with someone you don’t know well, think of it as tending to your garden of possibilities. Every person we meet, no matter how briefly, adds a thread to the intricate tapestry of our social lives. And every thread, regardless of its thickness, contributes to the strength and beauty of the whole.

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