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    Read the text and for questions 1-6 choose the correct option a), b) or c)

    Curriculum Vitaes: Tips that can Help

    Six out of ten CV’s which are prepared by Information Technology professionals fail to meet the basic standards and are turned down without even being read fully, according to a recruitment company. As a consequence, thousands of candidates are excluding themselves from attractive job opportunities.

    Although the company handles over 60,000 CV’s per year, it estimates that at least 60% would not be admitted if they were sent directly to potential clients due to basic errors.

    The company Marketing Director said, “Sadly it’s often the most highly qualified candidates whose CV’s are so poorly constructed that they are literally dead on arrival. Attractive job opportunities in the IT industry often generate intense competition and there is often little to choose between the candidates”.

    “Advice on the presentation format of CV’s in relation to the requirements that they are being submitted for should be an Industry standard so as to add real value to the candidates that you are representing and indeed to fulfil your professional obligations to your clients”.

    “Writing a CV can be extremely difficult and too often a CV turns out to be a generic overview including a lot of information that is irrelevant. People should remember that an employer typically spends between 15 and 30 seconds scanning each CV and you have that one chance to make an impression”.

    “A good CV is more than just documentation of your career path; it is a marketing tool designed to present your professional career experience according to the new job specification. It should also include details of past professional successes that effectively demonstrate your ability to undertake the job responsibilities outlined”.


    Adapted from College Times Magazine
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