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    Read the text a traveller and for questions 1 to 9, decide if the sentences are true or false.

    World walker

    Right now, somewhere in the world, Tom Turcich is walking. He started his hike in April 2015 and is still going. His intention is to to walk across every continent in the world.

    Tom made the decision to travel the world after one of his close friends died at the age of 17. The tragedy encouraged Tom to make the most of his own life. He spent the next few years completing college and working to save money, and in 2015, he finally quit his job, packed a few belongings and set off on foot from his home in New Jersey, USA.

    He took a route south through the USA and Central America and down the west coast of South America. After that, he travelled to Antarctica and Europe aboard a ship, and he is currently walking across North Africa. From there, he’ll hike east through Asia and Australia. Then he plans to fly to the west coast of the USA and cross that on foot, back towards his final destination, his home in New Jersey.

    Tom isn’t walking alone. He picked up a dog called Savannah from an animal shelter in Texas. At first, he thought it would be useful to have a dog protecting him, but the two soon became perfect travel companions. He thought he would have trouble crossing borders with the dog, but he acquired a certificate proving that it was free of disease and since then the process has been surprisingly simple.

    Turcich usually walks about 38 kilometres a day, burning 5000 calories daily. He has encountered a number of difficulties on the way, such as walking across the mountains and volcanoes of Guatemala. They were so steep that he could only manage about 10 miles a day. He carries just a tent, a sleeping bag and a few basic supplies, all of which he pushes a baby stroller, as he found that it requires less effort than carrying a backpack.

    When he first started out, his legs ached at the end of the day. But he is now used to the exercise, although he makes sure to spend time at the end of the day stretching his legs. He had worn out several pairs of hiking boots already, each pair lasting about 800 kilometres. Tom has an arrangement with a friend in the States who mails him new pairs of sneakers whenever he needs them.

    He has had some great experiences along the way and is always surprised by the generosity and hospitality of strangers, who frequently welcome him into their homes. However, few of them believe him when he tells them that he has walked to South America on foot, assuming that he has made a mistake speaking Spanish. But eventually, they accept his story and are extremely impressed.

    Tom keeps a blog where he documents his travels and posts wonderful photographs that he has taken along the way. He had never been interested in photography before he started his trek but now loves the art form. He hopes that after returning to the USA, he will be able to work as a travel writer or photographer.

    Reading comprehension test

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    1 Tom set off on his journey right after his friend died.


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