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    Read the predictions about life after Covid-19. Choose which sentences is OK in each gap.

    How will life be different after Covid-19?

    At the moment, many countries around the world are in lockdown because of Covid-19. Everybody hopes that the world will go back to normal soon. People miss the old times! But will things be the same in future as they were in the past? We asked Alexa Tomlin, a researcher in Futurology, for her opinion.

    Do you think Covid-19 will change the way people work?

    Certainly! Because of Covid-19, some people have lost their jobs. 1 ___. At the moment, we can’t live without drivers, carers, doctors, nurses, supermarket workers and so on. But musicians, actors, pilots and workers in the holiday industry haven’t worked for a year! Those jobs often seem attractive and exciting. 2 ___ In the future, I think more people will train for work in safer industries.

    Also, in most industries, at least some staff are working from home these days. 3 ___. But many companies didn’t like this idea. They preferred people to come to the office. 4 ___. But now, working from home is the norm. So I think that in future, more people will have the choice to work from home either full time or part time.

    Do you think entertainment will change?

    Yes, I do. Actually, entertainment was changing before Covid-19. 5 ___. Video streaming channels like Netflix were becoming more popular, and computer games were too. 6 ___. People won’t return to cinemas after lockdown, and they might not return to theatres either. People miss places where they can meet and chat with others. 7 ___.

    What about shopping?

    Covid-19 has changed the way we shop. People haven’t been able to go to city centres and malls. Many stores have closed temporarily. 8 ___. Actually, many town centre shops were having problems before Covid-19. People prefer to buy things online. 9 ___ I don’t think they will return to the shops after lockdown. So what will happen to town centres? 10 ___. The shops might become flats. I’m not sure, but there are many exciting possibilities.

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