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    Read the text about a magician, and choose the correct missing sentence for each gap.

    Diva of magic

    Romany is an international star. She works around the world on cruise ships, performing a funny, entertaining magic show. She is very successful. 1 __________

    Although Romany has an extraordinary life, her early life was very ordinary. As a child, she loved ballet. 2 __________ She was very good at it, and at the age of fifteen, she was given a role in a show. 3 __________ She managed to stay very slim, but she developed a serious eating problem.

    After that, she decided to give up ballet. She got a degree and had a successful career in sales. However, she never stopped wanting to be a performer. So she joined a circus club, and before long, she started doing jobs occasionally. 4 __________ She was working all day and spending all her free time doing circus work. 5 __________

    She knew that she couldn’t continue living this way. So she took time out to decide what she really wanted. She realized she wanted to work on stage. However, she wasn’t sure what to do. 6 __________ But then she had an idea. She would become a magician! She quit her job and applied to the National Centre of Circus Arts to study magic. She has never looked back!

    Recently, Romany wrote a book about how she became a star. 7 __________ Romany hopes that the people who read it will feel able to live their dreams, too, just like she did. Like her, we all have complicated lives, but we can overcome our problems and live the life we’ve always wanted.

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