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  • Where are you going to shop? – A1 English reading test

    Read about Maria’s plans to shop, and for questions 1 to 8, choose True or False.

    Where are you going to shop?

    Hi Karen, thanks for your message. Welcome to the neighbourhood! Of course I can help you find the shops you need, it’s not a problem!

    This weekend, I’m going to buy some clothes for my children, so you can come with me. There’s a shop near my house. It sells good quality clothes and they’re not expensive. They sell shoes too, but they cost a lot of money. They’re open every day from 9 am until 6 pm, but they close at 3 pm on Sundays.

    For your cat or a dog, you can find anything you need at the pet shop next to the school. I’m going to get some food for my cat there this afernoon. You can come with me. I also need to buy some eggs and vegetables for our dinner. The grocery store is very close to the pet shop. I’ll show you where.

    Tomorrow, we are going to visit the toy shop at the end of town, but it’s not far. I’m going to buy a present for my daughter. It’s her birthday. Do you want to come with us? After that, we can go to the new bakery for some fresh bread and some cakes!

    About school materials for your children, next week, I’m going to buy some notebooks and pens for my son at a stationary store not far from your house. We can go together if you want. Is Tuesday OK for you? I’m busy in the morning, but I’m free in the afternoon. Let me know.

    See you soon!

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    1 The clothes in the shop aren't cheap.


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