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  • The British ways – A1 English reading test

    Read about four people who describe their experiences living in the UK, and for questions 1 to 8, choose the correct answer.

    The British ways

    Yuki from Japan

    I like living in the UK. People are always polite and friendly, which makes me feel welcome. It often rains, but I don’t mind because I love the green parks. I enjoy drinking tea with my friends and learning about British traditions. British food is different, but I like it. I sometimes miss Japanese food.

    Carlos from Spain

    In the UK, people drink tea many times a day, which is interesting to me. I often see them queuing for everything, and I think it’s very polite. It is sometimes cold, and it often rains. I miss the sun from Spain. But in the UK, there are beautiful parks and green countryside. The pubs are nice places to go with friends.

    Anna from Poland

    I like British customs very much. People say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ all the time, which is very polite. It rains a lot in the UK, and everyone has an umbrella. I enjoy visiting the museums, which are usually free. I’m not a fan of the food here, but the old buildings and the history are very interesting.

    Ahmed from Egypt

    In many countries, people are often late, but in the UK, people are always on time, which is good. They drink tea very often. I also drink a lot of tea. It is usually cold, but the houses are nice and warm. I sometimes miss the nice weather of my country.

    Reading comprehension test

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    1 Yuki doesn’t like the British weather.


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