A1 Reading Test

Read the email James sends to his friend, and for questions 1 to 10, fill in each gap with ONE word.

Email to a friend: I’m confined at home

To: [email protected]

From: [email protected]

Subject: Hi

Hi Dom,

How are you? I’m fine. I’m at home, of course, because of lockdown. I started my engineering course at Manchester University last year, but I’m not there now. I went to Manchester in October and I stayed in the student accommodation. We had lectures in the lecture rooms for three weeks, but after that, we had to stay in our accommodation because of Covid-19. I studied by computer. I wanted to go out to bars and join a basketball team, but I couldn’t. Luckily, there were some cool students in my accommodation. I made some good friends and we had cool parties.

But now I’m at home. I’m still studying by computer. I have four hours of lectures every day and then I work on projects. Actually, it’s quite good. We can do a lot of things by computer. I use different software programmes, read articles, and have discussions with the other students. I enjoy those discussions because I’m alone most of the time. Dad and mum are both at work all day. I can’t leave my town or visit friends, so I work! I work much harder than I did at school!

I miss playing basketball, but I’m keeping active. I go jogging once a day. But I’m watching a lot of videos too.

I’m not going to Manchester before Easter, but I hope to go there after Easter. In the Easter Holidays, I’m going to work on a friend’s farm in Wales. I don’t know anything about farming, but it will be great to be somewhere different!

Hope you are well,

from James.

Reading comprehension test

1 James studies at university.

2 James went to lectures in the lecture rooms at Manchester university for weeks.

3 While in lockdown in Manchester, James and his friends .

4 James wanted to play at university.

5 James watches on his computer for four hours each day.

6 After listening to lectures, James works on .

7 He likes having with other students these days.

8 James goes every day.

9 He hopes to return to Manchester Easter.

10 At Easter, James is going to work on a .