Exercise 3

Fill in the gaps using the verb in brackets in a future form so that it expresses the idea suggested above. Do NOT use contractions.

1 intention or plan

The last time I spoke to you, you (start) a business. Did you do it?

2 arrangement

Sorry, I forgot we (have) dinner together today.

3 prediction 

I knew you (get) upset.

4 arrangement

I'm sorry I didn't stop to say hi yesterday, but I (meet) my boss at 7.

5 action in progress

We knew that in a week's time we (lie) on the beach.

6 intention or plan

When  (you/tell) us?

7 promise

You assured us that (there/be) no delays.

8 timetabled event

The train (depart) at 8, so we had to hurry to the station.

9 action in progress

I knew if I didn't call, he (try) to contact me all day.

10 intention or plan

If she knew Sam  (leave), she could have told us.



Using future in the past

Sometimes we are talking about a past event and we want to refer to something that happened in the future at that particular point in the past. When we want to express future in the past, we use the past of the regular future forms.
Check the following sentences to see the future forms and their corresponding past forms.
Future in the past - future forms

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We can also talk about future in the past using other ways to express future. Check the table below.
Future in the past - other ways to express future

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