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  • Verb + preposition – dependent prepositions

    Exercise 1

    Choose the correct prepositions to complete the sentences below.

    1I waited you for more than an hour.

    2I'm looking forward seeing you.

    3We arrived the station too late.

    4We are thinking going on a trip to Venice.

    5Why are you shouting me?

    6This book belongs me.

    7I never complained my salary.

    8I spent all my money clothes.

    9He got married his boss.

    10As soon as we arrived Lisbon, we called our friends.


  • Verbs & prepositions – dependant prepositions

    Some verbs are usually followed by a preposition before the object of the verb. These prepositions are called dependant prepositions. Check the list of some of the most common of these verbs below.
    verb + preposition

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