Exercise 3

Complete the sentences below with the verbs in brackets in the correct form: present simple or continuous, past simple or continuous, present perfect simple or continuous, past perfect, will or be going to.

1 A: Don’t go outside. It (rain) a lot now. You (get) wet!
B: Oh. I (take) an umbrella then.

2 A: Can you give me that knife?
B: What (do) with it?
A: I (cut) a piece of pizza. I'm hungry. Do you want some?
B: No, thanks, I'm not hungry; I (just/eat) a sandwich.

3 POLICE OFFICER: What (do) at the time the victim died?
SUSPECT: I (have) dinner with my old school friends. We were very excited because we (see) each other for a long time.

4 A: (you/go) to the concert next week?
B: Yes, I (already/buy) the tickets!

5 A: (ever/be) to an ACDC concert?
B: Yes, I (go) to their concert in Berlin last year.

6 A: I (cook) all morning. I'm really tired.
B: Don't worry, I (help) you finish.

7 A: Why (drink) tea today? You (never/drink) tea.
B: Because I (drink) too many cups of coffee yesterday.

8 A: How long (we/drive)?
B: Too long. I'm tired. (we/stop) for coffee?
A: OK.



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