Exercise 1

Choose the correct form to complete the question tags below.

1 You are a student, ?

2 It isn't too cold today, ?

3 He was at the concert, ?

4 You like chocolate, ?

5 She arrived too late, ?

6 Tom couldn't find the place, ?

7 Henry and Juliet have just arrived, ?

8 Your little Angie can't walk yet, ?

9 When you arrived, she had already left, ?

10 You would never tell him, ?




Question tags are used at the end of statements to turn the statements into questions. We normally use question tags to check something you think you know or you think is true.


Use the same auxiliary verb as in the main sentence. If there is no auxiliary verb, use do for present and did for past. And always use a comma before the question tag and a subject pronoun at the end (I, you, he, she, it, we, you they)

  • You are his brother, aren’t you?
  • He will be there, won’t he?
  • You work here, don’t you?
  • Sam used to live in Scotland, didn’t he?

If the main sentence is negative, use a positive auxiliary. If the main sentence is positive, use a negative auxiliary.

  • You like it, don’t you?
  • You don’t like it, do you?


aren’t I?

Note when we have an affirmative sentence with I am, the question tag is aren’t I?

  • I’m totally wrong, aren’t I?

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