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  • Passive verb forms

    Exercise 3

    Turn the following active sentences into passive sentences. Keep the same verb tense.

    1 They forbid smoking here. ⇒ Smoking here.

    2 They accept credit cards. ⇒ Credit cards .

    3 They are building a new cinema in the city. ⇒ A new cinema in the city.

    4 Someone is accusing him of stealing money. ⇒ He of stealing money.

    5 They built the house in 1950. ⇒ The house in 1950.

    6 The Romans named Neptune after the Roman god of the sea. ⇒ Neptune after the Roman god of the sea.

    7 Someone was blackmailing him. ⇒ He .

    8 When I passed by, someone was painting the walls. ⇒ When I passed by, the walls .

    9 They have told him that he has to leave the country. ⇒ He that he has to leave the country.

    10 For generations local fishermen have inhabited the lake. ⇒ For generations the lake by local fishermen.


  • Passive voice in the different verb tenses

    To make a passive verb form, we have to use be in a particular verb tense and add the past participle of the main verb after it. You can see how to use the passive voice with different tenses below.
    Passive verb forms – all tenses

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    Active and passive

    In a passive sentence, the object of an active sentence becomes the subject. In a passive voice sentence, the subject is the receiver of the action, not the doer of the action.

    • They take the photos in Africa. (active)
    • The photos are taken in Africa. (passive)
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