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  • First and second conditionals

    Exercise 1

    Choose the correct form of the verbs to make first or second conditional sentences..

    1 If you free tonight, we might go out for a drink, or to the cinema.

    2 He depressed if he fails the exam.

    3 If I didn't know you, I you were crazy.

    4 Tell me the truth if you .

    5 If you had a bigger salary, you more unnecessary things.

    6 If it for Tom, I wouldn't be here.

    7 You should call me if you  anything unusual.

    8 If they had this player, they a single match.

    9 Our lives would be much easier if you closer to home.

    10 If I got a job in France, we crêpes every day.


  • First and second conditionals – Grammar chart

    First and second conditionals

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    First conditional vs second conditional

    We use the first conditional and the second conditional to talk about present or future situations.

    We use the first conditional to talk about possible situations or events that may easily happen, and we use the second conditional to talk about unrealistic situations.

    • If I see Sara, I’ll tell her to call you. (=possible)
    • If I won the lottery, I’d buy a new house.  (=unrealistic)

    Sometimes, we use either the first or second conditional depending on how probable we think the situations are to happen.

    • If I find her, I’ll tell her that I love her. (=I think it’s possible that I find her)
    • If I found her, I’d tell her that I love her. (=I think it’s improbable that I find her)
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