Exercise 3

Fill in the gaps with the correct possessive adjectives: my, your, his, her, its, our, their.

1Sally is in room.

2Paul and Benet always help friends.

3We live with parents.

4Is that hat?

5The police officers don't have guns.

6The best part of this car is price.

7Amanda lives with boyfriend.

8I don't like new job.

9These shoes are famous for comfort.

10Thomas is in office.




Possessive adjectives and subject pronouns

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I + verb – my + noun

We use subject pronouns + verb and we use possessive adjectives + noun.

  • These are Susan and Thomas; they are from Ohio. And that’s their house. 
  • I love my friend Sheila. 


Possessive adjectives are always singular

Adjectives in English have no plural form. Possessive adjectives are always singular.

  • These are their suitcases. (NOT theirs suitcases)


it/its for things and they/their for people and things

We use he-his and she-her for people, and we use it-its for things. But in the plural, we use they-their for people and things.

  • The hotel has its own spa. It is a relaxing place. 
  • I like those chairs, they are beautiful. But their legs are too long. 


it’s for time and weather

We use it’s (=it is) to talk about the time or the weather.

  • It’s very windy today, but it’s sunny. 
  • ‘What time is it?’ ‘It’s three o’clock.’


it’s or its?

Its = possessive adjective. It’s = it is (subject + verb be)

  • Look at that dog. It’s beautiful. I like its hair.