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In this pre-advanced vocabulary lesson, you will learn a wide range of terms and phrases related to relationships, from the intricacies of romantic attractions to the dynamics of friendship. Check the pictures below and read the definitions and sentence examples to deepen your understanding of these concepts.

Upper-intermediate English vocabulary about relationships (verbs, phrasal verbs, verb phrases and idioms)

If you 1 fancy someone, it means you are attracted to them in a romantic way.

  • It was obvious that Joe really fancied Cara.

If 2 someone turns someone else on, this other person feels physically attracted to them.

  • His bright blue eyes really turn me on.

If you 3 chat someone up, usually someone you don’t know well, you start a conversation with them in a friendly way because you are attracted to them.

  • The man walked over to Lisa and started to chat her up.

If you 4 flirt with someone, you behave playfully as if you were attracted to each other.

  • It’s obvious that Ann and Greg like each other; they spent the whole night flirting.

If you 5 fall for someone, you have strong romantic feelings for them very quickly.

  • It was obvious that Mike was falling for her; he didn’t take his eyes off her all evening.

If you 6 fall head over heels for somebody, you fall madly in love with them very quickly.

  • John fell head over heels for Mary the first time he met her.

When you 7 go on a date with someone, you meet them because you have or want to have a romantic relationship

  • The last time we went on a date, he took me to a romantic Italian restaurant.

If you 8 are seeing someone, you are in a romantic relationship with them and are not dating anyone else.

  • Harry and Ann have been seeing each other for years.

To 9 two-time someone means to have a romantic relationship without your partner knowing.

  • Lara was devastated when she found out her boyfriend had been two-timing her.

If you 10 split up with someone, you end a romantic relationship with them.

  • Nobody could believe that Tim and Nora had split up.

To 11 dump someone means to end a relationship with them in a sudden or unkind way.

  • After Kevin dumped her, Nora cried herself to sleep every night.

When people 12 drift apart, they gradually lose interest or affection towards one another.

  • After Tom moved away, we started to drift apart.

When you 13 make up with someone, you become friendly again after a disagreement.

  • Al and Sara had an argument last week, but they made up two days later.

When you 14 worship someone (a god or respected person), you respect and admire them.

  • Many citizens worshipped the charismatic leader.

If you 15 idolise someone (or idolize), you admire them excessively, often in an obsessive way.

  • Sam idolises his older cousin and copies everything he does.

When you 16 look up to someone (usually an older person), you admire them.

  • You should be nicer to your little brother; he really looks up to you.

If two people (or a relationship) 17 go back a period of time (years, 20 years, etc.), they have known each other for that time.

  • We met when we were in primary school, so our friendship goes back years.
  • Samuel and I go back over twenty years.

When you 18 hit it off with someone, you like them and become friends immediately.

  • Fred and Anna really hit it off; they didn’t stop talking all night.

If you 19 get along with someone, you have a friendly and harmonious relationship with them.

  • Despite their differences, Sarah and Tom surprisingly get along with each other very well.

When you 20 have it in for somebody, you are determined to make life difficult for them.

  • I think the teacher has it in for me; she’s always criticising my work.

If you 21 don’t see eye to eye with someone, you have very different opinions.

  • My dad is very old-fashioned, and we just don’t see eye to eye.

When you 22 have a lot in common with someone, you have similar interests or circumstances.

  • Lina and Toby get on well because they have a lot in common.

When a couple 23 have ups and downs, their relationship goes through good and bad patches.

  • Like any married couple, Sue and I have our ups and downs.

If you 24 keep someone at bay, you prevent them from getting closer to you or affecting you.

  • After the disastrous end of her relationship, Val kept most men at bay.