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Verbs & prepositions – dependant prepositions

Some verbs are usually followed by a preposition before the object of the verb. These prepositions are called dependant prepositions. Check the list of some of the most common of these verbs below.

Colorful grammar chart illustrating common verb and preposition combinations in English, categorized by 'to', 'for', 'at', 'in', 'on', 'of', 'with', and 'about'."

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Example sentences


  • He got married to his high school sweetheart last summer.
  • She belongs to a book club.
  • I always listen to music on my way to work.
  • I look forward to the weekend.
  • He said to me that he would be late.
  • We talk to our parents every weekend.
  • She writes to her pen pal in New Zealand every month.


  • She asked for a piece of advice.
  • He applied for the job but didn’t get it.
  • They are looking for the keys but can’t find them.
  • I paid for the groceries.
  • I‘m waiting for Sandra.


  • She arrived at the airport on time.
  • He laughed at the comedian’s joke.
  • He looked at the painting in awe.
  • They shouted at the team in encouragement.
  • She smiled at me when I entered the room.


  • She arrived in New York yesterday.
  • He believes in being honest at all times.
  • They invest in real estate as part of their business.
  • They succeeded in passing all their exams.


  • He depends on public transport to get to work.
  • She insists on having fresh coffee in the morning.
  • They spend a lot of money on gadgets.


  • She reminds me of her mother.
  • He thinks of a new idea every day.


  • She argues with her brother a lot.
  • He agrees with the proposed plan.
  • They compare with each other too often.
  • We spend time with our family during the holidays.
  • He has decided to stay with his cousin for the summer.


  • She argues about politics frequently.
  • He complains about the weather constantly.
  • She dreams about becoming an astronaut.
  • We often talk about our future plans.
  • He thinks about changing his job frequently.