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  • The house: rooms, parts, and things

    In this A1 Elementary Vocabulary Lesson, you will learn basic names of rooms, parts, and things in a house. Check the pictures and read the example sentences below.

    Rooms and parts in a house

    Vocabulary chart displaying various parts of a house, including bedroom, bathroom, toilet, dining room, living room, study, garage, hall, floor, wall, ceiling, balcony, door, window, stairs, and garden, labeled 1 to 16 for easy learning.

    1 I sleep in my bedroom.

    2 I take baths in the bathroom.

    3 In my house, I have a large bathroom and a small toilet.

    4 We have lunch and dinner in the dining room.

    5 I relax and watch TV in the living room.

    6 I work or study in the study.

    7 I park my car in the garage.

    8 When you enter my home, you are in the hall.

    9 We walk on the floor.

    10 I have pictures on the wall.

    11 The lights on the ceiling illuminate the room.

    12 I enjoy the view from my balcony.

    13 I use the door to enter or leave the room.

    14 I can see outside through the window.

    15 I go up and down the stairs to go to another floor.

    16 I grow plants and have barbecues in the garden.

    Things in a room

    Vocabulary infographic illustrating common household items found in different rooms, such as bed, bedside table, picture, rug, etc., each item numbered for reference

    1 I sleep in a comfortable bed.

    2 I keep my book on my bedside table.

    3 I hang a picture on the wall.

    4 My cat sleeps on a rug under my bed.

    5 I work at my desk.

    6 I turn on the lamp when it gets dark.

    7 I sit in the chair to work on my computer.

    8 I relax in my armchair watching TV.

    9 I store my clothes in the wardrobe.

    10 I keep my socks in the top drawer.

    11 I organize my clothes in the chest of drawers.

    12 I have some books and a candle on the shelf.

    13 I have some books in the bookcase.

    14 I sit on the sofa to watch TV.

    15 I have a coffee table in front of the sofa.

    16 I want to buy some curtains for the living room window.

    17 There is cold juice in the fridge.

    18 I keep the dishes in the kitchen cupboards.

    19 I cook meals on the cooker.

    20 I heat food in the microwave.

    21 I bake cakes in the oven.

    22 I wash dishes in the sink.

    23 I take baths in the bath.

    24 I take quick showers in the shower.

    After completing the exercises in this lesson on The House, you can use the unit’s Vocabulary Flascards to revise and help you memorize the terms.