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Shops and shopping

In this A1 Elementary Vocabulary Lesson, you will learn different common types of shops and useful phrases that are used when shopping. Check the pictures and read the definitions and examples below.

Collage of various types of retail shops for A1 English Vocabulary lesson on Shops and Shopping.

1 A grocery store is a shop where you buy food and things for the house.

2 A bakery is a place where you buy bread, cakes, and pastries.

3 A chemist’s (UK) or pharmacy (US) is a shop where you get medicine and health products.

4 A clothing/clothes store (US) or clothes shop (UK) is a shop where you buy outfits like shirts and trousers.

5 A shoe store is a place where you can buy footwear for your feet.

6 A bookstore (US) is a shop with lots of books to read and buy.

7 A toy store is a shop that sells toys and games for children.

8 A hardware store or DIY shop (UK) is a shop where you find tools and things for fixing your house.

9 An electronics store is a place to buy things like computers and TVs.

10 A jewelry store (US) or jewellery shop (UK) is a shop where you can buy rings, necklaces, and other pretty things to wear.

11 A flower shop or florist is a place where you buy flowers for decoration or as gifts.

12 A pet store is a shop where you find animals like cats and dogs and things for them.

13 A corner shop (UK) or a convenience store (US) is a small shop where you buy everyday items such as newspapers, magazines, snacks, drinks, and some food items.

14 A stationer’s (UK) or stationery store (US) is a place where you buy things for writing and office work like pens and paper.

15 A furniture store is a big shop where you buy things like chairs, tables, and beds for your home.

16 A gift shop is a shop where you find things to buy as presents for people.

Differences between the UK and the US

The names of shops are often different in the US and the UK. For example, in the US, they normally use the word store to refer to shops. In the UK, the word shop is more common. Compare:

The United States The United Kingdom
clothing store clothes shop
shoe store shoe shop
bookstore bookshop
toy store toy shop
jewelry store jewellery shop
pet store pet shop

Useful English phrases when shopping

Here’s some useful language that you can use when you are shopping.

Shop assistant Customer
How can I help you? I’m just looking, thanks.
Here you are. I’m looking for…
Sure./Of course. Do you have any…?
It’s … pounds/dollars. How much is it?
Here’s your change (and your receipt). How much is/are the…?
Here’s your receipt. I’ll pay in cash/by credit card.
Have a nice day. Can I pay in cash/by credit card?
And here’s your bag. Can I try this on?
Do you have this in… (blue/a large/etc.)?