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  • Places in a town

    In this A1 Elementary Vocabulary Lesson about Places in a Town, you will learn about different places in a town or city. Check the pictures and read the definitions and examples below.

    Illustration of various places in a town with images and labels for town, city, village, neighborhood, city centre/downtown, street, avenue, square, park, museum, library, etc., for an A1 - elementary English vocabulary lesson.

    1 A town is a place with streets and buildings where people live and work. A town is bigger than a village and smaller than a city.

    • My grandparents live in a small town.

    2 A city is a very big town, like London or New York.

    • Tokyo is a very busy city.

    3 A village is a very small town.

    • The village has one school and one shop.

    4 A neighbourhood (UK), or neighborhood (US), is an area in a town or city where people live near each other.

    • We have many friends in our neighbourhood.

    5 Downtown (US), or city centre (UK), is the main part of a city where there are many shops, offices, and tall buildings.

    • We went shopping downtown.
    • We visited the city centre to see the tall buildings.

    6 A street is a road in a city or town.

    • Our house is on Oak Street.

    7 An avenue is a big, wide street in a city.

    • We walked down the big avenue to see all the famous shops.

    8 A square is an open area in a city, usually with buildings around it.

    • There are musicians playing in the town’s square.

    9 A park is a place in a town or city with grass and trees where people can play or relax.

    • We like to have picnics in the park.

    10 A museum is a building where people can see interesting things, like art or historical objects.

    • We saw dinosaur bones at the museum.

    11 A library is a place where you can read or borrow books.

    • I borrowed three books from the library.

    12 A restaurant is a place where you can eat food.

    • We had pizza at the new restaurant.

    13 A cafe is a small restaurant where you can buy drinks and snacks.

    • We drank hot chocolate at the cafe.

    14 A school is a place where children go to learn.

    • My brother goes to the same school as me.

    15 A hospital is a place where sick or hurt people go to get better.

    • The doctor works at the hospital.

    16 A post office is a place where you can send and receive letters and packages.

    • I mailed a letter at the post office.

    17 A bank is a place where you can keep your money.

    • Mom went to the bank to deposit some money.

    18 A hotel is a place where people stay when they travel.

    • We stayed at a hotel by the beach.

    19cinema (UK), or movie theater (US), is a place where you can watch movies. In the US, people often use the term the movies to mean ‘movie theater’.

    • We watched a new movie at the cinema.
    • Do you want to go to the movies this weekend?

    20 A theatre (UK), or theater (US), is a place where you can watch plays or shows.

    • We saw a play at the theatre.

    21 A bus stop is a place where you can wait for a bus.

    • We waited for the bus at the bus stop.

    22 A train station is a place where you can catch a train.

    • The train station was very busy in the morning.

    23 An airport is a place where planes take off and land.

    • We arrived at the airport early for our flight.

    24 A tourist attraction is a place that many people visit because it is interesting.

    • The Eiffel Tower is a famous tourist attraction.

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